First Timer?

by Chris Stones
Dear Visitor and/or Search Engine Bot,

It has come to my attention that you have landed on this web page.
My condolences and/or salutations.
Not to be redundant or anything but... Welcome to Chris World!

If you have not gathered yet, my name is Chris Stones. And while
this site used to be it has since ceased existing
and crawled into some corner of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and died.
Rest in piece you delightfully annoying inside joke that went-to-far domain name.

I stopped posting elements of my personal life directly to the web and
have since sold out taken a more professional approach
to publishing my writing online. (Psst. That means I tried to edit it....
with various levels of success and/or failure.)

I have many ideas, thoughts and inventions and one way or another I'm
bringing them to the world. Prepare yourself. ... or click the back button
I can't really stop you.

So, thanks for visiting, I swear that one day I will have an intro movie
here. I can not believe I don't have an intro movie here. I have a feeling
this message will live on without an intro movie for a long long time.

The Management

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