The Perfect Cup of Coffee

by Chris Stones


Claim to have created the perfect cup of coffee.
Crush the opposition.
"Remove" all remaining dissenters.
Congratulations, you have created the perfect cup of coffee.


Attempt to create the perfect cup of coffee. But realize that
perfection is a concept not an attribute you can ascribe to something.
Quickly, resolve to make only a pretty good cup of coffee
then go on with your life.


Redefine perfection to be the nearest cup of coffee handy.
Since the metric for 'perfection' has been defined you now
have the perfect cup of coffee.


This is the perfect cup of coffee.
This is the perfect cup of coffee.
This is the perfect cup of coffee.
This is the perfect cup of coffee.
This is the perfect cup of coffee.
Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes true.


The cup of coffee can only be said to exist via its relation to other
things. "You" and the "cup of coffee" are both forms of delusion
brought on by moving through a world view that splits self from non
self and thus suffers the inevitable conflicts inherent in this
dualist vantage point. Only when you realize your true nature as well
as the true nature of all information flowing in from your senses will
you see the cup and yourself as part of a greater whole. Only by
attaining Kensho after many years of practise will you find that it
was indeed, the most perfect cup of coffee all along.


The Way of the Mug is
A way of deception

When able,
Feign inability;

When imperfect
Appear perfect


Select a cup of coffee to keep.
Proceed to annihilate all remaining cups of
coffee in existence. After the massive onslaught, the one remaining
cup of coffee will be in your possession. Since the perfect cup of
coffee is a unique member amongst the set of all cups of coffee you
must have the only and therefore perfect one.
(Helpful tip: Crush Dissenters.... again.)


Since the question of perfection implies that the thing is better
suited for something more so than any other thing of its kind...
What is the perfect cup of coffee perfect for?
Is it to wake you up? Is it to splash a coworker thereby waking them
up? Is perfection only the end result of consumption and thus its
ultimate manifestation in the biochemistry of the brain? Or is
enjoyment derived from lingering with it in hand?
Only once you have your question, will the answer then arise.

[1] This is the way of the coffee. "Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak" (Sun Tzu)

photo credit: Coffee Cup via photopin (license)

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